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Customized Training:

Customize your OWN class, to be held in YOUR area, for YOUR dealers! Services will include: Venue, Food and Beverages, Marketing and Assistance in Enrolling your Dealer, Trainer,and Course Material…

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Services will include:


•Food and Beverages

•Marketing and Assistance in Enrolling your Dealers


•Course Materials

Tell us what training workshop topics you would like to attend and we will develop it!
Financial Management

•Understanding P and L Statements
•Formatting of P and L Statements
•Identifying Shrink
•Understanding Gross Profit %
•Understanding Gross Profit $
•Controlling Expenses

Developing Employee Incentives

•Types of Incentives
•Rewards versus Recognition
•Upselling Techniques
•Tracking Results
•Developing a Plan

Effective Hiring Techniques

The Employee Work Cycle
•Performance Evaluations

Merchandising with FasTrax®

•Shelf Space Analysis
•Inventory Turns Analysis
•Fountain and Coffee Analysis
•Velocity Reports
•Shrinkage Analysis
•Break Even Analysis


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