Custom Website Integration:
Provide unlimited access to over 25
C-Store Training Modules to your employees

C-Store Training has introduced a new program that will allow integration of our complete library of computer based training. 30-minute training modules have been designed covering all major areas to help improve sales and day-to-day operations within a convenience store. Our software will allow for each module to be integrated into your company's website to provide your employees unlimited access. These modules are ready to be used as currently designed, or can be edited to incorporate your company's logo and policies and procedures. Exam scores, tracking of test questions, and course taker identification results are also provided.
  • Access to C-Store Training modules
    through your company website

  • Exam scores and reporting

  • Customized modules to fit your
    company policies and procedures
     Modules are available in the following categories:
  • Customer Service

  • Financial Management

  • Food Service

  • Human Resources

  • Loss Prevention

  • Spanish Language

For pricing and more information please contact Angela Angelilli at: 630.353.7951 or

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